In 1981, two Boeing engineers who loved British Sports Cars set out on a mission: to consistently manufacture the absolute best British Black Vinyl Dash Components in the world for Triumph, MG, Jaguar E-Type and recently Austin Healey.

After 36 years, British Dashes Direct is extremely proud to be the largest (yet small and family owned) Black Vinyl British restoration dash parts manufacture and distributor in the universe.

Our reputation for continuously making the best quality durable and reliable products in the industry comes with a guarantee to our loyal customers – your complete satisfaction. All British Dashes Direct Products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 3 years from date of invoice.

Our commitment to your satisfaction keeps us focused on our mission: To make a product with the highest quality of materials, correct color and grain that matches or exceeds the original factory Dash. What we do is British Dashes! Our focus is to give you the sizzle, the faite accompli to your masterful restoration.

Our secret is simple we still use the methods with which the original factory part was made. Yet this simple secret is beyond the grasp of many restoration suppliers today.

We pride ourselves in continuing technologies that are now considered to be too expensive and too time consuming for mass production manufacturers to use. Rather than sacrifice your satisfaction for a few pennies of extra profit, British Dashes Direct parts are still hand made and hand trimmed. British Dashes Direct remains committed to handmade quality, delivering value added products that are truly the best solutions for our customers’ needs.