We use the tools of the trade under which the original part was manufactured. Our company is the definition of “authenticity.”
At the heart of every restoration part we make is our commitment to the original British dash component. 







Yes, we could use the injection form molding process and YES It would cut our costs by half. especially if we skipped trimming every part.  
However, you put your best efforts into your restoration and only by replicating how the original dash components were manufactured in the
60s and 70s can we ensure a product worthy of your time and effort. Mass-market production injection molding fails to provide excellent
craftsmanship. With 64 years combined knowledge in thermal-vacuum forming, our knowledge is older than the cars we provide parts to.

















Our Deep Black Vinyl

Since 1981 we have had our own custom black vinyl formulation that is correct in both color and grain.
Our parts match the color and grain of your interior.  Our custom build oven uses an infrared method with
natural convection for a fast penetrating heating time, which ensures our vinyl is not over cooked striping it of
both its color and grain. No other aftermarket manufacturer match’s your interior original like we do.














Our Beauty is more than skin deep! We dedicate the same amount of attention and care to our Lower Dash Parts.
Engineered with a heavy gauge metal interior frame that exceeds the quality you would find in any other aftermarket manufacturer.

Our Plinths have a preventative anti-rust okay so you’re careful restoration will stand the test of time.


















From 1981 to 2011 you installed our products delivered by your favorite British restoration box store.
You’ll recognize all your Dash components from our days as the wholesale supplier to your British restoration retailer.
We are a proven product our parts speak for themselves they are the best restoration black vinyl dash components available to
British car enthusiasts. We know there isn’t any better satisfaction then the time and effort it took to achieve your restoration
and sharing with other British car enthusiasts.

Our Team

Because were a family run enterprise we’re a mixture of youthful and mature staff who all share an obsessive eye for detail
and an unwillingness to sacrifice quality for time. We are purists, dedicated to form, function, and shape working with exquisitely
detailed tooling. Our material quality is superior and our production to the exact original detail is the best in the world.